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Eichenzell is a traditionall and future-orientated community in the region of Fulda with 11 district villages .

The local authorities think on a regional and global basis. The goals are clearly defined and the success is impressive.

The local industry, business and trading enterprises work on a renowned international scale. The ideal accessabilities are good assumptions for even more growth of industrial settlement.

The region is known for successfull and responsible entrepreneurs with highly qualified and motivated personnel which ensures further growth and extension.

In addition, the structural combination of industry, trade and industrial enterprises offer good options for an innovative cooperation.

Living in Eichenzell

Besides of the industrial figures of Eichenzell there is also a wide range of new development areas with an excellent living and residential quality. The residents appreciate the easy access and short distance to their workplace.

The constant growth of Eichenzell's population is a result of the development and implementation of new residential areas, which are located in quiet and peaceful sourroundings. Today Eichenzell has about 11,600 residents. With an average age of only 38,7 years, Eichenzell is one of the youngest communities in Hesse.

Seven kindergardens within the community guarantee that every child from the age of 3 until they enter the German school education system at the age of 6 has the right to use one of our six community administered facilities or the roman katholic kindergarden in one of our districts.

In addition, during the last few years Eichenzell has widened their child care offers for under 3 year old's to currently 5 establishments.

The kids and youth parliament is the only one in the region and offers young residents of Eichenzell to propose their own ideas and to take an active part within the political decisions.

Well equipped community halls, youth centres , sports facilities and playgrounds offer a wide range of leisure activities in every district village of the community, for example the skating rink in Eichenzell.

There are also 107 associations and clubs who offer excellent leisure and sports activities. For those who are not interested in sports they might be interested in joining one of the numerous musical societies, choirs or other associations the community offers.


Medical supply

6 general practioners, 1 paediatricion, 4 dentists, 1 gyneacologist, 1 midwife, 2 vets and 2 pharmacies ensure full medical supply within the community.


Eichenzell offers many interesting places to visit, for example the "Schloss Fanaserie", the most beautiful baroque style castle in Hessen. The "Wartturm", a small tower located on a hill, offers a stunning view of the low mountain range "Rhön".

The gastronomic life within the community consist of 30 restaurants, bars and guesthouses. A total of 220 beds in numerous guesthouses and B&Bs are more than happy to welcome visitors. Tourists profit from the easy access to the "Rhön", the number one location in Germany for hiking.

With a total space of 180 m² the local museum of history provides you with alluminating information about the culture and lifestyle of the locals.


A variety of cultural events take place in Eichenzell, for instance theatres and concerts, exhibitions, local festivals and children's programmes offer visitors an insight of the local traditions and customs.

Due to the variety of activities the community has to offer their residents and their guests, people enjoy living in Eichenzell!

Future-orientated workplaces, central shopping facilities, easy access to the city of Fulda and to the "Rhön" and last but not least the excellent travel connections (A66, A7, B40, B27) provide best living and residential quality.

Eichenzell will remain future and growth-orientated and is endeavour to further develop new residential and commercial areas to meet the demands of their residents and the local industry.

Should you require additional information, we are more than welcome to assist you.

Please contact us under:

Gemeinde Eichenzell
Schlossgasse 4
D-36124 Eichenzell
Phone +49 66 59 979 0